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Enterprise High School    Enterprise, AL


School Nurse Contact Information
Susan Wagner, RN
Fax:  334-348-2849

It is extremely difficult for your child to work well in the classroom if he/she does not feel well.  Therefore, as your child's school nurse, I am committed to the elimination of health barriers which may interfere with your child's performance in the classroom.  Your child's well-being is my primary concern.  I am eager to serve your child, and I am excited about the health services which are available.  Please call me without hesitation if you feel that I can be of assistance.

I encourage you to visit and/or call me.  I am very interested in your child's well-being and eager to do what ever I can to ensure that issues of health do not interfere with your child's ability to perform in the classroom.

At the beginning of each school year, your child is given a Health Assessment form to complete and return to the school.  It is imperative that we have up to date information, not only so that parents can be contacted, but that the school nurse is aware of any health conditions.  As numbers and addresses change, please contact the school nurse, so that the health Assessment form can be updated, as well as the parental contact information for the school. 

Medications at School

When to Stay Home

Diseases/First Aid/Immunizations

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