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Extra Help 

For Students Needing Additional Help in My Class:

It is my goal for your child to be successful in Algebra II/Trig! Here are some helpful resources that students can tap in to if extra help is needed or appreciated!



Students struggling with homework can either email me or text me using the Remind101 app. My email address is and my remind codes are listed at the bottom of this page. Parents, feel free to sign up for your child's remind class so that you can contact me as well. Remind101 works like basic text messaging, and I keep my phone close after school hours so I can assist my students.

All students can resubmit missed homework questions for a grade correction (highest corrected grade is 95%). This can be done as many times as necessary until the Unit Test is given.

Students can come to me for help every morning from 7:15 to 7:45 or after school until 4pm. I will come earlier than 7:15 or stay later than 4pm if the student makes prior arrangements with me.

The last 10 to 30 minutes of class are set aside for students to get individual help and/or work on their assignments. 

Study Sessions:

I hold Sunday evening study sessions as needed for my students. If a student is unable to make it before or after school, as long as I have a group of 4 or more (for my safety and that of the students), I will schedule a study session before the unit test on Sunday evening from 6pm to 7pm. 

Web Page:

There are additional links on my web page for video instruction and practice of different standards. Please click on the Links tab at the top of this page.


Directions: text the code below to 81010 

2nd Block: @ehstrig

3rd Block: @ehstrig3

4th Block: @ehstrig1

Parents: @ehstrigp


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