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Enterprise High School    Enterprise, AL

Stephanie Walden Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Social Studies-Pre-AP World History


Advanced Diploma - Enterprise High School, 2000   

Bachelor of Science in Education - Troy University, 2007 

Master of Education Technology- Boise State University,2011




The 2017-18 school year will be my tenth year teaching within Enterprise City Schools.

Prior to teaching at Enterprise High School, I taught World History at Dauphin Junior High School.


If you ask the average teenager why they dislike history, the majority will say because it is boring.  Well, not in my classroom!  The main reason I became a history teacher is to show students that history can come to life!  Whether I am turning my classroom into a WWI trench or teaching students how to dance the Charleston, the main goal of my teaching is to make students realize that history can be the most exciting subject you have ever learned about!  To me it is all in how you present it!  I am very fortunate to have the support of colleagues and the community make my teaching goals come true. 


On a personal note:

I am from Enterprise

I love fishing, but won't take my fish off the hook!

I also own a boutique  (Style ASAP) with my best friend and fellow Enterprise teacher, Patsy Holland

If shopping was an Olympic sport, I would have a trophy case full of gold medals.

Pugs are the best dog breed ever!


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