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Enterprise High School    Enterprise, AL

Subjects Taught
Science-Chemistry, Science-Honors Chemistry, Science-Honors Physics, Science-Physics


Master in Education, major in Physics 

Certificate in Physics Teaching

B.S. Biology


1.  Honors Physics and Chemistry, Pass Christian High School, Pass Christian Mississippi

2.  Honors Physics and Chemistry, Peninsula Catholic High School, Newport News, Virgina  


My name is Lovelina Richardson.  I come from a family of educators, so I say teaching and learning are parts of my way of life.  I have always known that my career path would be somebody doing fun things with people at any age.  And here I am – a teacher  with Master’s degree in Education, major in Physics, working with students who are motivated to create positive things for the future. It is hard to believe that I have been passionately engaged in serving student’s academic development and needs more than two decades.

As a teacher, I know that my daily work in the classroom is critical.  It is my task to make students understand the relevance of Science to their everyday lives, to this planet we call home and to the future of mankind. However, my role as an educator is not limited to helping my students’ overall development by encouraging their curiosity, diligence, resourcefulness, and appreciation of Science.  It is also my responsibility to create a safe and positive learning environment that allows all types of learners to develop to their full potential. I also believe that maintaining an openness with the student without compromising authority, professional ethics and standards is conducive for learning for I know that students respond positively in the classroom if the teacher demonstrates genuine concern for them.  I love being a teacher for I know that I have the power to help make a positive change, one day at a time.

I am married to Robert Alan Richardson.  We have five beautiful kids between the two of us and a wonderful granddaughter.  We love to take fun road trips and travel around the world.



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