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Graduation - What to Wear and How to Wear It
Posted On:
Friday, April 28, 2017

Guidelines for Academic Regalia

 ·        Students may wear only the EHS blue and white or the blue and gold NHS tassels with their Mortarboard caps.   Mortarboard caps may not be decorated in any other way.  The Mortarboard on the cap should be level with the ground.

·        Eligible members of the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, French National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society may wear only all sets of cords as well as the purple cords associated with the Diploma Seal of Distinction.  These academic honor societies are currently the only ones recognized by Enterprise High School.  No other cords are acceptable. It is highly recommended that students pin their cords and/or stoles to the graduation robe so that they do not slide off as you are walking across the stage.

 ·        Only the valedictorian, salutatorian and honor seniors may wear gold stoles.  (The pinning of stoles and cords is recommended due to the possibility of wind.)

 ·        Students may not wear pins, patches, or medallions of any kind.  However, students will wear a white stole on graduation night.

 ·        Students arriving at graduation with inappropriate regalia will be required to remove such regalia before participating in the ceremony.

(These rules and regulations have been determined and approved by Mr. Rodgers and the EHS Graduation Committee.)

(Students may wear cords and tassels as they wish for personal cap and gown photos as well as at their Baccalaureate ceremonies.)



1.      Ladies will find it practical to wear a simple style, lightweight dress without a high neckline. The dress should not be visible when the gown is worn. The color should harmonize with the cap and gown. Ladies may wear dress/business slacks if preferred. Casual pants are not permitted.

2.      Ladies will find it more comfortable to wear low heel pumps rather than high heels. The color of the shoes should harmonize with the color of the gown and not be distractive.

3.      Young men should wear a white or light-colored dress shirt, medium to dark dress slacks, a dark colored tie and dark socks. The color of the items should harmonize with the gown.

4.      Young men need to wear dress loafers or shoes. Tennis shoes, casual shoes and other athletic footwear should not worn with the cap and gown. Shoes must not be distractive.



1.      Students should act and conduct themselves in a dignified manner since the graduation ceremony is a formal recognition of their school accomplishments.

2.      The appearance and dress of the individual wearing the cap and gown should be appropriate for the occasion.

3.      All students should respect their fellow classmates as they are recognized during the ceremony. Noise and other unnecessary distractions should be avoided until the ceremony is over.

4.      Avoid being distracted by or reacting to the audience during the ceremony.

5.      Be alert and attentive to all the activities.

6.      Be on time and at the right place.

7.      Avoid doing anything that would embarrass, hurt or injure anyone.

8.      Cell phones should be in the “OFF” mode.


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