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Enterprise High School Drug Testing Procedures
Posted On:
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Enterprise High School

Drug Testing Procedures

·         EHS will administer random drug screenings during the school year.

·         Any student testing positive will automatically be retested during the next testing cycle.

·         Student testing positive:

1st Time - parents will be notified, counseling will be provided, and on-campus driving privileges will be revoked for 45 school days beginning with notification of test results.

2nd Time – parents will be notified, driving privileges will be revoked for 90 school days and student will be suspended for 20% of season /contest/competitions of extra-curricular activities.

3rd Time – parents will be notified, driving privileges will be revoked for one calendar year, and student will be removed from all extra-curricular activities for one calendar year (365 days).

4th Time – parents will be notified, driving privileges will be permanently revoked, and student will be permanently denied participation in all extra-curricular activity for the remainder of their tenure at EHS.

*Administrators have the authority to remove students who test positive on drug screen from driver’s education, extra-curricular activities/school sponsored events, shop areas or other classes where there is a potential danger to themselves or others.

*Drug testing information/results will only be shared with those persons who have a direct need to know.

These are the athletic groups and extra-curricular activities at EHS subject to random drug testing, as well as students purchasing parking permits.


Anchor Club                                                                                      

Art Club                                                                         

Band Programs                                                                                                

Boys Baseball                                                                                                    

Boys Basketball                                                                                

Boys Soccer                                                                                       

Boys Tennis                                                                                       

Cross Country                                                                   

Drama Club                                                                        

Encores Show Choir                                                 






French Club                                                                                       

Girls Basketball                                                                                                

Girls Soccer                                                                  

Girls Softball                                                                                                      

Girls Tennis                                                                                                        

Girls Volleyball                                                                                                 


Track and Field



Jr. Civitans                                                                          

Math Club                                                                          

National Honor Society                                           

Page Turners Book Club                                         

Photo Club

Prep Bowl                                                                    

ROTC Drill Teams                                                                             

ROTC PT Team                                                                                  

ROTC Rifle Team                                                                                              

Skills USA                                                                                                            

Spanish Club                                                                     

Student Government/Government Club       


Swim Team                                                                  

Varsity Cheerleaders                                                                                     

Wildcat Representatives


Students of all ethnic groups are encouraged to participate. No student shall be excluded from participation in, or subject to, discrimination in any program or activity of Enterprise City Schools on the basis of sex, race, religion, belief, national origin, ethnic group, age, or condition or handicap. All sponsors/coaches are available to meet, upon request, with any interested student to answer questions and provide information.

This is not an inclusive list. Other sports and extra-curricular activities may be added.


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