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Enterprise High School    Enterprise, AL

Enterprise City School Out Performs Over 90% of the Schools in the Nation
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016
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Enterprise High School announced today that ACT scores have had a dramatic increase according to the recent Profile Report of Grade 11 Tested Students published by ACT. The overall composite score for Enterprise High School juniors who tested in April of 2016 is a 20, a 0.7 increase over last year’s composite and 1.3 points above the Alabama average. According to ACT, “Based on the average one year composite score changes for schools who tested more than 400 students, Enterprise High School would fall in the 90th to 100th percentile rank when measuring growth.” This is significant because it means Enterprise High School outgrew over 90% of the schools that tested more than 400 students.

“We are thrilled about the academic growth our students are seeing as measured by the ACT. It is a direct result of the learning taking place in our classrooms. Any improvement or gains made is the result of a team effort where teachers, students, staff and parents all working as one to help our students be successful," stated Matt Rodgers.

Enterprise superintendent, Camille Wright stated, “The ACT results are definitive evidence of a true increase in student learning in Enterprise City Schools. We have invested in the most important people who make this happen for our students—our teachers. They have attended numerous hours of professional learning to improve their skills and have had instructional support from the school-based instructional coaches, the district specialists, the school administrators, and the central office staff. This investment of our dollars and time is paying off to ensure a better future for our students. “

Dr. Phillip Cleveland, Interim State Superintendent of Education had nothing but positive remarks to say about the increase in scores. “Clearly, the teachers and administrators at Enterprise High School (EHS) have tapped into the depth of instruction necessary to make substantial improvement in knowledge gains – for teachers and students alike. Not only did EHS take the time to cater to the individual needs of their students, extracting the greatest potential from each. They were also selfless enough to look inside their own ranks and, through professional development, discovered ways to better use the tools, data, and information available to them to impact scheduling,” Cleveland said. “Because of their innovative and flexible approach to making both structural and preparatory changes, EHS realized improvement on the ACT in every subject tested – English, math, reading, and science. The collective efforts of administrators, teachers, and students resulted in a significant composite score increase, from 19.3 in 2014-15 to 20 in 2015-16. This kind of teamwork and shared vision is a testament to the capability of our students and teachers.”  
























Dr. Wright asserted that none of this would be possible without the complete support from the Board of Education and their strong desire to increase student learning.

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