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Enterprise High School    Enterprise, AL

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Rodgers, Matt Principal
Britt, Ricky Assistant Principal
Harrison, Brent Assistant Principal
Mills, Karen Assistant Principal
Sauls, Stan Assistant Principal
Trawick, Trent Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Lane, Holly Counselor
McClenny, Cami Counselor
Meeks, Adonna Counselor
Wills, Justina Counselor
Dickson, Sonja Administrative Secretary
Kutschat, Sabine Business Office Secretary
Rakestraw, Kathy Guidance Secretary

Albrecht,  John JROTC Instructor/Rifle Team
Andrews, Denise Science
Bailey, Ashley Math
Bailey, Shiela Career Prep/Assistant Cheer Coach
Barkley, Alonzo TAP Principal/Head BKB Coach
Baugher, Barbara Math
Bowers, Bradley History
Boykin, Theresa English
Brumberg, Adam Band
Buchanan, Cerecia Business Education
Burns, Susan English
Carr, Robyn Science
Ciuzio, Nick Engineering
Clark, George JROTC Commander/SAI/PT Team
Corley, Shane History
Covington, Amy Spanish II & IV
Crawford, Allison Math
Crowley, Lorrie Science
Curran, Robbie Special Education
Curtis, Paula Family & Consumer Science
Dargie, Renee Math
Davis, Karen Math
Dean, Leslie Spanish
Dow, Meaghan History
Dunn, Meghan Instructional Partner
Dyess, Jerad Agriscience/FFA
Dyess, Whitney AgriScience/FFA
Edgar, Mark Science
Ellison, Rhonda Math
Enos, Kathryn History
Ensley, Amber Health/ Cheerleading Coach
Ewing, Jill English
Faulkner, David Head Football Coach/PE
Fiore, Brittany Math
Fondren, Shelby English
Galimore, Catherine English
Goodson, Bridget Government/Economics
Gwaltney, Trista Science
Hall, Bryant History
Ham, Debra Special Education
Hancock, Alison History
Harris, Jamel Physical Education/Coach
Harrison, Kelly Health Science
Henson, Amber Art
Hogan, Christy College and Career Center
Horne, Jami Special Education
Howland, Sonja Math
Hulsey, Sarah Social Studies
Humphrey, Janel Business
Icenogle, Steve Automotive Service Technology
Johnson, Kirstie Math
Keller, Jeff History
Key, Jamie Business Education
King, Joshua Engineering
Krausz, Crystal Biology
Kyser, Tracy History
Lavender, Dixie Building Test Coordinator, Attendance Officer, Data Management
Lewis, Kelsea Science
Lindsey, Sherrie Special Education
Long, Lori Health Science
Lucier, Ashley English
Lucier, Michael Science
McCollough, Chelsey History
McInnis, Michelle AP Biology & General Biology
McQueen, Mitchell Science
Metz, Wendy Business Education
Mitchell, Mollie Head Softball Coach/ Health
Moates, Kim Special Education
Mock, Kayla Art/Graphic Design/Yearbook
Moore,  Hannah Math
Moore, Alexcia Special Education
Morris, ZoĆ« Math
Mularz, Tony Government/Economics
Ortiz, Bianca Special Education
Osterhoudt, Crisie English 10 Pre-AP
Peacock, Sue Science
Phillips, Stephen Math
Pouncey, Wes PE/Coach
Price, Gary JROTC Instructor/Drill Team
Pruitt, James Strength and Conditioning Coach
Quisenberry, Cindy Health Science
Ramos, Gwendolyn Spanish
Rash, Lonnie A&P Instructor
Rhoades, Amy Biology
Richardson, Lou Physics
Rivera, Sonia Science- Chemistry
Robertson, Joshua Chemistry
Robertson, Valerie Health Science
Rowe, Curtis Spanish
Ruby, Kristen Special Education
Santiago, Yolanda English as a Second Language
Scarbrough, Ginger Media Specialist
Scott, Trentino Career Prep
Searcy, Jason History
Senn, Michelle Media Specialist
Shaffer, Amber English
Shelton, Debbie History
Shiver, Leigh Co-op Coordinator
Solie, Diana Special Education
Speegle, Shelby Math
Steed, Melanie Business Education
Stephenson, Veronica Theatre Arts--Director
Stewart, Dale Welding
Stockton, Hayden PE/Coach
Stringfield, Mindy English
Taylor, Lisa English
Taylor, Susan Family and Consumer Science
Taylor, Suzanne Psychology
Thomas, Martee English
Thomason, Candace French
Thornton, Joe Driver Ed/Golf Coach
Thornton, Sabrina English
Tindol, Suzan Special Education
Tindoll, Diana Special Education
Totorica, Chelsea Math
Townsend, Ty Math
Tyson, Stacey Math
Wagner, Susan Lead Nurse for Enterprise City Schools
Waid, Brandi English/ Big Blue Band Auxiliary Coordinator
Walden, Stephanie History
Walters, Heather Business
Watts, Ranae English
Weiler, Cameron Choral Music
Weiler, Sean Band
White, Callie Mathematics/Coach
Wiggins, Janie Driver Education/Volleyball Coach
Williams, Bobby Assistant Band Director
Wilson, Kirby English

Baumgartner, Eva Lunchroom
Bell, Melissa Lunchroom
Benton, Kate PE Aide
Bess, Lyn Lunchroom Manager
Bonner, Evelyn Custodian
Byrd, April Clerical Aide-Guidance Department
Curry, Keith Custodian
Faulk, Brandon Grounds Maintenance Technician
Flores, Carlos Maintenance Technician
Fowler-Fournier, Susan Lunchroom
Harvin, Evan Grounds Maintenance Technician
Harvin, Evan Custodian
Hope, Justin Facilities Engineer
Hughes, Janet Lunchroom
Hunter, Willie Custodian
Hurley, Terri Clerical Aide
Hutcherson, Mittie Custodian
Hutchison, Sandra Lunchroom
Jones, Justin ISS Aide
Jones, Sherri ACCESS Facilitator
Jones, Stella Nurse
Jowers, Nancy ACCESS Facilitator
Kennedy, Amber Lunchroom
LaVoie, Olivia Instructional Aide
Logsdon, JJ Custodian
Maddox, Ashley Custodian
McLeod, Ashley Lunchroom
Morgan, Jay Maintenance Helper
Morris, Cara Nurse
Parker, Steve Math Aide
Quiller, Kenneth Custodian
Ricaud, Leslie Lunchroom
Sasser, Tangie Lunchroom Manager
Scott, Eddie Custodian
Seamands, Tammy Secretary
Skaar, Jodi Special Education Nurse
Strickland, Sharon Special Education Aide
Tarbox, Mallorie Special Education Aide
Thomas, Harriet Lunchroom
Thompson, Lucinda Lunchroom
Webb, Jeannie Lunchroom
Welch, Amanda Special Education Aide
White, Sue Media Aide
Whitton, Matt Special Education Aide
Woodard, Sandra Clerical Aide/Attendance

Brockman, Angela WITCoE Counselor
Clark, Jennie WITCoE Career Coach
Hanchey, Brent WITCoE Principal
Rackley, Scott Cross Country Coach & Basketball Assistant Coach
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