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Cross Country

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Cross Country Boys and Girls

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Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Cross Country Team

12th grade
Jasmin Castaneda
Sokejawil Hill
Sean Crowell
Ariana Ramos
Melissa VanMeter
Chris Hanson
Blake Sharp
Jeide Amos
11th grade
Christian Cuban
Jill Fassl
Joshua Crawford
Evan Crawford
Josh Sproul
Gabe Henneberger
Alexander Dargie
Ansley Flowers
Josh VonEschenbach
Laura Patterson
Fletcher Curtis
Jack Brockman
Louis Patrick
Gavynn Harmon
Jordan Colacicco
10th grade
Henry Templin
Tyler Rathburn
Kylie Moczynski
Jordan Hopkins
9th grade
Ryan Parrott
Kayleigh Riordan
Natalie Warner
Britney Pacheco
Madelynn Carr
Luke Goodson
Chris Beltz
Mallory Smith
8th grade
Lauren Rodgers
Kimberly Juarez
7th grade
Jacob Tillery
Mya Hill
Dalton Gilley
Nathan Warner
Juliana Gingrich
Niko Gottlick
*Manager, Sarah Winekoft
There will be a meeting Tuesday, 8/15 at 5:30 in the lunchroom.  If parents are unable to attend they need to contact Mrs. Rodgers (crodgers@enterpriseschools) or Coach Chris ( BEFORE the meeting.


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School Records

2015 Boys 5000 Meter Zane Wilson 16:16
2011 Girls 5000 Meter Katrina Bokenfohr 19:45
2012 Boys 2 Mile Kayne Driscoll 13:22
2016 Girls 2 Mile Natalie Warner 12:49


2015 Boys and Girls teams qualify for state

2014 Boys and Girls teams qualify for state.

2011 Girls team ran at the state championship and finished 9th, 3 boys ran individuals

2010 Girls team ran at the state championship and finished 12th, 5 boys ran individuals

Katrina Bokenfohr first female EHS cross country runner to win a medal at the state championship (11th place).

Zane Wilson first male Cross Country runner to qualify All-state (14th place)



2002   First year all 7 Girls team (one ran at state)

2003   Full girls team (three ran at state) 3 individual boys

2004   First full Boys and Girls team (both teams ran it to state)

2005   Individual Girls ran at state, Boys finished 16th

2006   Qualified Girls and boys as individuals for state

2007   Individual Girls and Boys qualified for state

2008   Girls team ran at state and finished 13th, Boys ran as individuals

2009   Girls team placed 9th at State Competition

2013   Girls Qualify for State

2014   Boys and Girls qualify for State

2015   Boys and Girls qualify for State

2015   Zane Wilson All-state Team qualifier

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