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  The induction ceremony will be Tuesday, October  24, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the PAC at Enterprise High School. 

  Once inducted, members must maintain the 3.7 (weighted and unrounded)GPA, complete a minimum of 20 approved service hours, and demonstrate continued character and leadership traits.  Once members graduate, they become life-time members of the National Honor Society.


****Sample Resumes can be found under "Forms."****


EHS Chapter:  Lynn McCuistian

Established:  1921

Colors:  Blue and Gold

Notto:  "Noblesse Oblige"'

Flower:  Yellow Rose

Emblem:  Keystone and Flaming Torch

Juniors and seniors who have attended EHS for two terms, be a Junior or Senior, and who have a minimum 3.7 weighted and without rounding grade point average (GPA) and no major disciplinary referrals since entering the high school will be invited to apply for membership in NHS during fall term.  Prospective members should--in addition to the scholarship requirement--demonstrate service, character, and leadership.  Evidence of these traits must be recorded in the resume' presented in the candidate's packet. Once completed candidate packets are submitted, the packets are reviewed and voted on by the faculty council.  If approved, candidates will then be inducted into the EHS NHS chapter.  There is an induction fee of $20.00 to be paid to the advisor the week prior to the induction night.  Please visit the National Honor Society web-site at for historical and current national information.

The EHS chapter emphasizes school and community service.  Please contact the adviser for information or questions about service projects or with ideas for ways NHS can serve the Enterprise school system or Enterprise community.


Click below for a copy of the EHS Chapter:  Lynn McCuistian bylaws.

EHS NHS Bylaws






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